The Epic Goodbye

Hello Trappers and soon to be a witness to an end of this website. MAD TRAP will be shutting down this website very soon and for a certain reason.

First of all we, the people at MAD Industry, would like to thank you for visiting this site. We put work into coding and keeping this site organized. Obviously it is not that organized but we tried our best. Last week MAD TRAP called in a meeting for MAD Industry about the future and changes that will be happening. MAD TRAP stated some issues about having a website that is not being visited often and therefore not being updated due to lack of traffic. He states “Obviously we launched this website without thinking what we will do with it. Yes we started stuffing it with contents relating to music BUT we started stuffing without organizing. Due to the lack of organization and traffic brought into the site, we must close it down and start off fresh. Although we do drive some content onto the site, it is mostly spam bots. They spam our comments talking about some weird health problems. So we will be working on a brand new site with a proper launch, advertisement, organization, and make sure we have a stable traffic driven to the site everyday.”

MAD TRAP has not set a date for which the site will be shut down completely or when the new site will be in development. Just know the shutdown will probably start by next month and the new site may be in development for months before the big reveal. To all members of the MAD Industry development team please shoot @madindustry_official a DM for more information about the plan for the next site.

Skan & Rune – Emptiness ft. Elza

Yup, today we release a new video! It’s been a silent week for us at MAD TRAP. We have a project going on in FL Studio that’s why we are not posting as much content like before. BUT we do have a Halloween Special. Stay tuned for that but for now enjoy the video. (If you read this post before 3:00 pm, will not be available yet so come back later)

Check out the video

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